If you are reading this, chances are you have been banned for a corrupt chunk error. Glitches happen, and in Minecraft, they can happen easily. But dont fret! We can help! Let us explain the issue that seems to have many players confused, and frustrated. This will help you, help us, to help you!

What is happening?
When you are in a corrupt chunk, the moment you enter you begin crashing the server. The only way out is for staff to attempt to pull you out forcibly. Its really pretty easy, but it just sometimes takes a few tries. You don't even lose any items or anything. We literally just attempt to teleport you away from where you are after you enter but before it crashes. We can get you out with no negative effects to your little minecraft body. It just takes us knowing exactly when you will log in. This sometimes takes several attempts and takes precise timing. Unfortunately there is no way for you to be able to join and play till we get you out. Don't worry though, you didn't do anything wrong, and are not in trouble at all! It just happens sometimes. (Lets not talk about how many times Justice and Pink have gotten stuck in a bad chunk. yell)

What causes corrupt chunks?
There are many different things that can happen to create corrupt chunks. Sometimes mobs get stuck where they shouldnt be, sometimes signs go haywire, sometimes even the file for it just gives out, just to name a few. But the most common cause is when chunks load in the wrong area. For example, you have chunk a, b, c, and d, the next chunk to load should be e, but for some reason p gets loaded in its place. The server then tries to "fix" the chunk error but in doing so kills itself. As long as you are within the loading area, it will continue to fail to fix itself. This is why the server crashes when you enter. 

Why am I banned?
You are only banned so that you do not continue to crash the server when attempting to enter before we can help you. This is mainly so the other players do not continue to be kicked and helps prevent the server suffering any side effects of the crashes (like causing other glitches or file corruption). Banning you also lets you know what the problem is so you don't think we are kicking you, and lets you know we CAN help. We fully intend on unbanning you once we attempt to get you out of the chunk. Basically when you tell us you're ready to work with us we begin the process. We wont stop untill we get you out, but we have to have your full cooperation, and patience.

What do I need to do?
The best way to go about this process is to have fairly instant communication, which makes teamspeak/skype the best option. Staff tends to hang out there, so you can hop on and let us know you are ready to work with us. First we will whitelist the server to prevent any players from joining and getting in the way. Next we unban you, then we will basically have you count off to you entering the server (One, two, three, GO!). Then you wait for us to do our thing. Sometimes it takes several attempts, so we may have to continue to have you log in. We just repeat the process till we see "Teleporting player" in the chat. Then you will be able to log in without crashing! Hurray! Teamspeak info can be found to the left.

I cant use Teamspeak!
We do have a skype account that the Owners alone have access to. But this means you have to wait for the Owners to be available. If you use teamspeak, an Admin/Moderator can help you without the Owners needing to be there.

HELP! There is no one in Teamspeak!
If there is no one there, or no one that can assist you, you can message us on facebook or fill out a report here on the website (Contact Us --> Make A Report). Making a report will send an email notification to the Owners and Admins. We can generally give you an estimated time when we are available to get you out. Just know that getting you out of the chunk is a top priority for us, but it does take a bit of patience on your part. Sometimes if you can just hang out and wait in teamspeak for a bit, someone is bound to pop in that can help.

What happens next?
When we get you out you can go about your business and play on the server. Crisis averted! You have arrived at Gallifrey, thanks for flying TARDIS Airlines!